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Buy Purple Punch Online Oslo Norway Where can i buy purple punch weed online Trondheim Bergen purple punch is the sweet and steadying association of two indica-prevailing works of art. By rearing Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astounding trichome load Purple Punch was conceive, possessing a scent like grape candy, blueberry biscuits, and tart Kool-Aid. The intensity of this strain gives the shopper a knockout punch to the head and body. At first arriving between the eyes and settling down into the appendages. Purple Punch is a delightful sweet strain. That is most appropriate for after supper. Its belongings may help with overseeing queasiness, stress, minor body throbs, and restlessness. Order marijuana online Norway

Buy Purple Punch Online Norway

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 18% – 20%, CBD: 1%
Purple Punch is a rare Indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% Sativa) strain create through crossing the classic Larry OG with the deliciously potent Grand Daddy Purps. With a one-two punch to the head of euphoric lift effects and a super high 18-20% average THC level. You’ll feel the knockout high of Purple Punch almost immediately. You’ll feel a slam of euphoria follow by a heady lift that launches you into a state of pure happiness. As your mind creeps higher and higher. Your body will begin to drift away into a relaxing state. That is very sedative and heady, often leading to a long and peaceful sleep. Buy Blue Dream Online 

Order marijuana online Norway

In combination with its high THC level. buy weed online Oslo These effects make Purple Punch perfect for killing the effects of insomnia, chronic stress, nausea, chronic pain, and depression. This bud has fluffy oversize bright neon green nugs with sparse red orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny amber crystal trichomes. As you break apart each little nugget. Aromas of earthy blueberries and grapes are release accent by a sweet herbal overtone. The flavor is very sweet with a vanilla blueberry taste. That has a touch of slightly sour grape candy. Buy Granddaddy purple Online 


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